Constitutional Court employees delivered gifts to orphans on International Children’s Day

Версія для друку


1 June, 2023

Today is International Children’s Day and Global Day of Parents. These two holidays are inextricably linked, much as children are with their parents as they are the closest people in the world to one other.

Every child needs love, attention, and care. Especially in difficult times, this is felt most acutely. For everyone, war is the most trying time.

Over the 15 months of its full-scale war against Ukraine, russia has killed more than 480 Ukrainian children and maimed almost a thousand more. Many children have been left without parents.

During the war, Ukrainian communities, individual families, and orphanages became a refuge for orphans.

Judges of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine and employees of the Court's Secretariat organised a fundraiser the day before and today came to the children from orphanages in Kyiv region to support them, give them sports equipment and other gifts, as well as some bright and positive emotions.

We want every child to have a happy life in a peaceful and prosperous Ukraine. We are duty-bound to help them with this, as we know for sure that there are no other people’s children.









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