A constitutional petition Lodged with the Constitutional Court of Ukraine by the Supreme Court

Версія для друку


28 February 2023


On 27 February 2023, the Supreme Court filed a constitutional petition at the Constitutional Court of Ukraine, in which the petitioner asks to examine the compliance of Article 75.4 of the Family Code of Ukraine of 10 January 2002 No. 2947-III with the Constitution of Ukraine (constitutionality).

The subject of the right to constitutional petition argues that “the norms of Article 75.4 of the Code according to which one of the spouses is such that requires material assistance in the case the salary, pension, income from the use of his or her property, other income does not provide him or her a subsistence level established by law“, does nor comply with Articles 3, 8 and 48 of the Constitution of Ukraine. 

The constitutional petition has been distributed to the judge-rapporteur.

The text of the constitutional petition is available at the Court’s official website of under the heading “Pending the Court”.




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