The Court’s Activities in December: 45 Sessions Held and 88 Acts Adopted

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In December, 45 sessions of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine were held, in particular: 16 plenary sessions of the Grand Chamber, 4 sessions of the Grand Chamber and 6 Court sessions. The First Senate held 3 plenary sessions and 2 sessions; the Second Senate held 5 plenary sessions. Also, 9 session of the boards of judges of the First and Second Senate were held.

The Court adopted 88 acts, namely: 1 Decision of the Grand Chamber; 66 rulings of the Grand Chamber; 5 resolutions; 1 ruling of the First Senate and 15 rulings of the boards of judges.

During this period, 2 constitutional petitions and 55 constitutional complaints were lodged with the Court. Two constitutional petitions and 28 constitutional complaints upon the results of preliminary examination were distributed among the judge-rapporteurs. 27 complaints which in their form did not meet the requirements of the Law of Ukraine “On the Constitutional Court of Ukraine” were returned to the subjects of the right to constitutional complaint.

The Court Secretariat drafted and sent 78 replies to inquiries for information and citizens’ appeals.

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