II Mariupol Constitutional Forum “Visions of the Future: The Constitutional Dimension of Ukraine's Postwar Recovery and European Integration” will be held

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In October, the II Mariupol Constitutional Forum “Visions of the Future: Constitutional Dimension of Ukraine's Post-war Recovery and European Integration” will be held.

This year's forum will draw attention to the urgent issues of human rights protection with application of the tools of constitutional justice, restoration and affirmation of constitutional values and human rights throughout Ukraine.

This event will be a continuation of the I Mariupol Constitutional Forum, launched in 2021 and held in the city of Mariupol on September 13-14 of the same year.

Information on the I Mariupol Constitutional Forum “Human Dignity and Ensuring Human Rights in the Social Transformation Conditions” is available at: https://bit.ly/3Lbk4M1

Collection of forum materials is available at: https://bit.ly/3vyTBAA

The event is organised by the Constitutional Court of Ukraine together with the OSCE Support Programme for Ukraine.

In case of any questions, please call: (044) 238-10-18.

The forum will be held in Kyiv in online and offline formats.

Registration of participants and requirements for publications are available at: https://cutt.ly/YwzL1w4m.

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