September 1. The Court Agenda (Approved). The Second Senate will Proceed with Consideration of the Case upon Constitutional Complaints of Dmytro Krupko, Volodymyr Kostin, Oleksandr Melnychenko, Viktor Gogin

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On Wednesday, September 1, plenary sessions and sessions of the Second Senate of the Court, as well as sessions of the Board of Judges were held.

At the plenary session of the Second Senate, the judges continued consideration of the case upon the constitutional complaints of Dmytro Krupko on the constitutionality of the provisions of Articles 81.1 and 82.1 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, Volodymyr Kostin and Oleksandr Melnychenko on the constitutionality of Article 82.1 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine and upon the constitutional complaint of Viktor Gogin on the compliance of Article 81.1 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine with the Constitution of Ukraine. The Second Senate will proceed with consideration of this case at one of the further plenary sessions.

At the session of the Second Senate, a Ruling was adopted on the temporary involvement of a judge of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine to the composition of the First Board of Judges of the Second Senate, which is incompetent, from another Board of Judges of the same Senate of the Court.

On the same day, the First Board of Judges of the First Senate of the Court held a session in order to consider the issue of initiating constitutional proceedings in cases upon constitutional complaints. Based on the results of the consideration, rulings (final) were adopted on the refusal to initiate constitutional proceedings in the cases upon constitutional complaints of S.Y. Vashchenko, L.P. Volodko, I.P. Kushaba.




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